Gamblers Wanted: Atlantic City Gamblers Show Up, Finally, at Revel

Gamblers Wanted: Atlantic City Gamblers Show Up, Finally, at Revel

Also Revel’s Facebook page bears their slogan that is new Wanted

Oahu is the first good news since Atlantic City’s newest casino launched: finally, a marketing campaign appears to be working, and July’s numbers reflect the improvements every where within Revel Casino-Hotel.

New Campaign Working

Using its seemingly apparent ‘Gamblers Wanted’ campaign including a massive sign plastered close to the front for the casino Revel has apparently managed to make it clear that their former no-smoking, chi-chi attitude is out because of the Atlantic Ocean tides, and a more approachable ‘come on in and spend your hard earned money’ strategy is working for them.

Revel’s revenues for July were $23.4 million, from a combined take from both slots and table games, which represents a dramatic 33 percent jump from last year.

‘we think the July results clearly reflect the impact of the ‘Gamblers Wanted’ campaign,’ said Jeffrey Hartman, Revel’s interim CEO.

Overall, however, Atlantic City casinos will likely be wanting more gamblers; the figures for every one of the gambling that is beleaguered’s casinos continued to freefall, with a nearly 4 percent drop compared to 2012, according to numbers released by the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement. The sole other casinos that showed gains besides Revel had been Borgata, up 19 per cent, and Resorts Casino Hotel, by having a 6 per cent jump in comparison to last year.

Holiday Helpers

Assisting the July numbers, evidently, was the July Fourth holiday tourist influx. Officials state there was an almost 7 percent increase in Atlantic City Expressway toll plaza traffic that is the major throughway to drive to Atlantic City. Similarly, they say 7 percent more site visitors stopped at the given information facilities that surround the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority.

And despite the decision for those ready to wager, it would appear that at final Atlantic City’s efforts to mimic what has struggled to obtain years in Las Vegas namely, non-gaming draws like headliners, retail and fancy restaurants are working; a performance that is sold-out pop songstress Beyonce and the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival both served as good draws for more tourist task.

‘There ‘s no question that special events in Atlantic City are a draw that is major tourists,’ stated Jeffrey Vasser, president of this Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority. Vasser added that Convis events this year have actually pulled 212,950 attendees to AC, while placing 40,772 room nights and $64 million in meeting spending that is ancillary the coffers of hotels, casinos and retail.

Needless to say, while one month that is good good, for a property like Revel that’s been plagued with poor numbers since it started simply 15 months ago, an ongoing winning streak is going to be essential to persuade investors that the worst is finished. To that end, Hartmann says there could be more of the incredibly creative promotions unleashed after Labor Day.

‘We’re reasonably confident that we could maintain industry share numbers,’ Hartmann said, hedging his bets.

The casino went into major rebranding mode following a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing this Spring, from which it emerged with new ownership and a new (interim) CEO in Hartmann. He claims the basic strategy is to re-position the casino from ‘luxury’ to more of an ‘everyman’ kind of home.

‘We are profoundly grateful that many Atlantic City gamblers are giving us a chance that is second’ Hartmann stated.

Two $1 Million Prizes Awarded from Ohio Casino Customer Name Mixup

Two patrons utilizing the name that is same took home $1 million following an Ohio casino mistake

If the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati held a $1 million drawing for customers for a Saturday night, the home was packed. The drawing was televised and plenty of local news were on hand to catch a glimpse of the champion. The announcer drew the winning name and said:

‘Our next millionaire from Cincinnati is: Kevin Lewis!’

You Profit! No, Wait, YOU Win!

It was the moment of a life time for Kevin Lewis, who had been in attendance that night. He had been there with his fiancée, and the two began to celebrate, gathering the giant check and accepting the adulations of the crowd that is adoring.

And that’s about when the casino knew they had a major problem on their arms.

Kevin Lewis, as it turns out, isn’t exactly a name that is rare. And while one Kevin Lewis was in the crowd during the casino, another one was watching on television, waiting to see if he’d win the drawing. And it was the Kevin Lewis at home who was the real winner not the one at the casino as it turned out.

Once the presenters realized that they were awarding the prize to the wrong man, they conferred with casino officials in order to create a decision on how to proceed. There have been undoubtedly plenty of possibilities to them: only the winner that is rightful’ the cash, and lots of such mistakes are resolved by giving the unfortunate and incorrect ‘winner’ a token prize or very little.

But the Horseshoe chose to take another approach. Rather than result in the males worry about which one would ultimately receive the prize, they just awarded two million dollar prizes rather: one to each Kevin Lewis who had taken part in the contest.

‘This was our blunder,’ said casino manager that is general Kline in a declaration. ‘So in line with our commitment to do the thing that is right our visitors, Horseshoe awarded a $1 million prize every single for the men.’

The ‘correct’ Kevin Lewis hasn’t had much comment on the situation, and his prize money was never really in question. Nevertheless the Lewis who showed up at the casino that night is grateful that luck was on his part.

‘When I heard my title I stated, ‘God finally provided me with a big win,” Lewis told local television station WCPO. He later attributed their win to simply ‘being in the right place at the proper time.’

Six Degrees of Separation

Incredibly, the two winners have a lot in keeping. Not merely do they share a name and play at the casino that is same but they both live into the city of Cincinnati, are both in their 50s, and are both engaged to be married making the mix-up even more bizarre.

Certainly one of the principle reasons for a casino being so generous in a situation such as that one is certainly to build some good PR, and the Horseshoe is the big champion on that account. The Horseshoe’s page has been flooded with messages praising their decision, with most customers seeing it as a classy move by a business that was under no obligation to give out the additional money on social media sites like Facebook.

Caesars Entertainment Misses A put in Macau

There will not be any Caesars Entertainment casinos in Macau

In what may have seemed like an odd move for the huge casino conglomerate that is one of the few without presence in Macau the most lucrative gaming destination on the planet Caesars Entertainment Inc. offered off its 175-acre golf course land that borders Macau’s chi-chi Cotai Strip the other day. a developer that is asian paid $438 million for the property, and it should officially change hands by the end of the entire year.

The big questions is, why?

No License to Deal

it might revolve around Caesars’ ability to secure a gaming license; or absence thereof.

The casino giant purchased the golf course area back 2007, for $578 million, then called the Macau Golf program, hoping to turn it into another casino-hotel complex like rivals Las Vegas Sands, Wynn Resorts Ltd., and MGM Resorts Overseas have all done so successfully in the past decade. But, it absolutely was perhaps not to be, as well as in retrospect, Caesars CEO Gary Loveman says it was a blunder that is huge and another they’ve been nevertheless spending for. Caesars was also offered a Wynn Resorts sub-concession back 2006, but nixed the chance; a move which was obviously a bad one looking back, Loveman admits.

The problem lies in the reality that the Macau government has cut off issuing any additional gaming licenses beyond the existing six concessions and sub-concessions, so Caesars type of shot by themselves in the base by not using the Wynn deal when they could. Never having themselves presented an application straight back in 2001 following the lifting of a 40-year monopoly in Macau by billionaire businessman Stanley Ho Caesars, still known as Harrah’s Entertainment during those times has no second opportunity to enter into the absolute most profitable gambling region on earth now; an unfortunate reality for the company that carries the greatest long-term debt load of any casino conglomerate available to you: an impressive $23.7 billion.

Macau has held the #1 gambling revenue-producer spot for quite time now; the Chinese Administrative that is special District in $38 billion in 2012, beating Las vegas, nevada six times over. And simply because the begin of 2013, Macau has shown a rise of 16 percent over this past year.

Internal Rebranding

Caesars was busy doing some major business that is internal: it’s spinning off its Las Vegas Planet Hollywood casino, its interactive gaming company (the company’s WSOP-branded on line poker is next in line to introduce in Nevada) and a well planned Baltimore casino into a separate company that will be majority-owned by the parent.

Clearly, buying and offering property for a profit is additionally not just one of Caesars’ decision-making skills that are best either; the company took a $101 million write-down on the land, which they’d known as Caesars Golf, once they use it the market a year ago, and even that leaves them $40 million in debt, by our calculations, following the sale. Caesars says they anticipate to the anticipated $420 million in profits from the sale to cover down their debt.

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